What is the likeliest Barcelona transfer for Coutinho?

Barcelona has long been the main contender for the transfer of the player of the Brazilian Ronaldo. The club has already managed to sign the player from Real Madrid, and the club is also interested in signing Coutinho.
However, the club has to be very careful in the transfer. The player of Ronaldo is one of the main stars of the club, and he is also one of its main rivals. The team needs to buy a good goalkeeper, a striker and a midfielder.
The club has a long-term contract with Coutinho, so the player is expected to leave the club in the next season. However, the player has a contract with the club for three more seasons, so it is possible that the club will be able to buy him in the future.

The most likely destination of the transfer is the English Premier League. The main competitors of the team are Manchester United and Liverpool. The latter has already signed Coutinho for the next campaign.
Who is the main candidate for the signing of the Portuguese Coutinho in the summer?
The main candidate of the signing is Manchester United. The Red Devils have long been interested in the player, and it is clear that the transfer will be very profitable for the club.
Manchester United is one the main clubs in the Premier League table, and Coutinho is one their main competitors. The Portuguese player is a good striker, and his ability to score goals is quite impressive.
In addition, the team needs a good defender and goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is an important position for the team, and Manchester United is very interested in buying one.
Will the club buy a goalkeeper from the Spanish La Liga?
Manchester City is another club that is interested in Coutinho transfer. However the club needs to be more careful in this transfer.
Despite the fact that the player was already a member of the Red Devils, the main goal of the Manchester club is to buy the player. The City is one its main competitors, and they are the main rivals of the United.
It is clear from the beginning that the signing will be profitable for Manchester City, because the club already has a good squad. The squad of the City is very rich, and many of its players have already played for the main club in England.
Among the main competitors the club of Josep Guardiola is very serious. The players of the Guardiola team have already won the Champions League, so they are ready to fight for the title.
One of the most important players of Guardiola’s team is Sergio Aguero. The Argentine player is one among the best strikers in the world, and this player is very important for the City.
Another player of Guardiola’s team is Alisson. The Spaniard is a player who can be a substitute for Aguero in the team.
Moreover, the City needs a goalkeeper, and its main candidate is from the La Liga. The Spanish goalkeeper is a very important player for the Guardiola’s club, so he is very likely to be bought.
What are the possible destinations of Coutinho’s transfer?
In the summer, the Red devils have a lot of options. The first one is the signing a goalkeeper. There are many good candidates for the position of the goalkeeper, but the club prefers to buy one from the top division.
Coutinho is a great player, but he is not the only player of his level. The Manchester City has a lot to choose from, and in the near future the club can choose one of them.
Real Madrid is another contender for Coutinhos transfer. At the moment, the Madrid team is very active in the international arena. The Madrid team has already won a lot, and now it is ready to take the next step.
There are many players of Ronaldo’scontinuation in the club who can replace Coutinho at the club level. Among the main candidates for this position are:
· Sergio Busquets;
· Luisao;
· Sergio Reguilon.
These players are very good players, and their transfer will not be a problem for the Red Devil’slive.
Where can the player go to play?
COUTINHO is a really good player, so his transfer will definitely be profitable. The transfer will allow the club to buy good players.
Many people think that Coutinho will leave the Red-and-White, but this is not true. The Brazilian player is still a young player, who needs time to develop.
After the transfer, the Portuguese player will have a long contract with Manchester City. The contract will last for three years, so there is a possibility that the contract will be renewed.
This will allow Coutinho to play for the Spanish club. The English Premier league is the most popular championship in the whole world, so Coutinho can play for his favorite club. It is very possible that he will be the main star of the Spanish team. Coutinho has a great potential, so if the player will be good enough, he will become one of their main stars.
Barça has a chance to buy Coutinho
The Catalan club has long wanted to buy Ronaldo, and there is no doubt that the team will be one of his main competitors in the coming season.
Ronaldo is one more of the best players of football.

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