Could these two Arsenal players leave this summer?

The Gunners are in a very difficult situation. The team has a lot of players who can be replaced, but the management has to find a way to strengthen the position. The main problem is the lack of a suitable replacement for Aubameyang.
The Frenchman is the main player of the team. He is the leader of the attack, and has already scored a lot. However, he is not the only one who can replace him.
It is clear that the club will need to make some transfers to strengthen their positions. This is especially true for the attack. The club has a number of players that can become leaders in the future.

The main question is whether the players will leave the club. The Gunners have a very good chance of winning the Champions League. The last time the club won the competition was in 2002. The current season is very important for the club, because it will be the last chance to get into the Champions’ League.
Arsenal has a good chance to win the Champions’ League, but it will require a lot from the players. It is clear now that the team needs to strengthen its positions. The players have a good opportunity to do this, and it is now up to the management to find the right way to do it.
What are the main problems of Arsenal?
The team is in a difficult situation, because the main problem of the club is the number of leaders who can not be replaced. The situation is even worse for the team in the Premier League. This means that the Gunners will not be able to compete with the leaders of the Premier league.
However, the club has many good players who are able to help the team to win. The most important of them are:
* Aubamey;
* Ramsey;
* Ozil;
* Ramsey again.
All of them have a bright future. The future of the Gunner is very bright, because he is the only player who can become a leader of a team.
Aubameyang is a good example of a player who is able to become a good leader. He has a bright career ahead of him, and he has already managed to win a lot in the national team. It will be very interesting to watch his future career.
How will the team’s position in the Champions league table look like?
In the current season, the team has an excellent chance to enter the Champions club league. The problem is that it will need a lot to get there. The table of the current Champions league is very difficult for the Gunns. The position of the clubs is quite equal, but in the last season, Arsenal was much stronger than Manchester United.
In this season, Manchester United will be quite strong, but they will not enter the top 4. The reason for this is the bad results of the players of the Red Devils. The season will end with a draw, and the team will have to fight for the place in the top-4.
As for Arsenal, it will have a chance to become the second club of the Champions. The only problem is how the team can get into this position. It has a very high chance of getting into the top four, because there are a lot more strong competitors in the fight for it. The teams that are stronger than Arsenal are: Liverpool, Chelsea, and PSG.
Will the Gunnies win the title this season?
This season, it is much easier to enter into the playoffs. The leaders of each team have a lot chances to enter in the playoffs, but Arsenal has a great chance to do so.
One of the main reasons for this situation is the poor results of Manchester United in the current campaign. The Red Devils have a numberof problems, but one of the most serious is the injury of Marcus Rashford. The young player is not able to play for the main striker of the squad.
If the team continues to play like this, it can be very difficult to get to the playoffs and enter the next season. The fans of the Arsenal will have their chance to see the results of their team this season.
Where can the team be found?
Arsenal is located in the city of London. The stadium of the London Arsenal is one of Europe’ss best. It can be visited on a regular basis.
There are many reasons for the fans to visit the stadium of Arsenal. The following are the most important:
1. Great atmosphere.
2. Great football.
3. Great sightseeing.
4. Great shopping.
5. Great meeting places.
6. Great nightlife.
7. Great restaurants.
8. Great clubs.
9. Great stadium.
10. Great people.
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Who is the coach of the English team?
It has been a long time since the coach was appointed. The previous coach was Arsène Wenger. The Frenchman managed to get the team into the European cups for the first time in the club’stime. However the team did not win any trophy.
Wenger was replaced by Unai Emery. The Spaniard managed to bring the team back to the Champions cups.

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