Would quality signings at Chelsea put Mourinho in danger?

The Old Trafford crowd was already ready to give Mourinho a good ovation when he left the field after the final whistle, but the coach was not the only one who left the stadium.
In addition to the players, the fans also left their seats. They were the first to leave the stadium when the final score was 2:0.
The fans were not happy with the fact that the team was not able to score a goal in the last minutes of the match. The team was already in the middle of the second half and had already scored three goals in a row.
However, the score was not enough to make the fans happy. The fans were already ready for the second defeat in a year.

The players of Manchester United were not the best performers in the game. The most obvious reason for this is the fact the Mourinho’s team is not in the best shape. The coach has already said that the players have to work out their problems.
Another reason for the poor performance of the team is the transfer ban. The ban was imposed on the players who were involved in the transfer of players.
This is not the first time that the ban was applied to the team. The previous time, it was the team that was punished for the transfer to the French Ligue 1.
It is also worth noting that the transfer bans are not applied to all players. For example, the ban is not applied for the players of the main stars of the club.
After the ban, the players had to work in the reserve team. This is a good opportunity to get some rest. However, the team still did not show the best result.
They were not able not only to score goals, but also to get a positive result in the match against the team from the second division.
Manchester United was not in a good shape and had to take a lot of losses in the matches against the teams from the lower divisions.
Despite the fact, that the game against the second team was a success, the coach did not have the right to take the players out of the field.
He was only allowed to do this if the players scored a goal.
If the team had scored a second goal, then the coach could have left the players in the field and they could have taken the necessary rest.
That is why the team did not score a second time in a match against a lower league team.
Team’ s problems in the Premier League
The team was in a bad shape not only in the league, but even in the Champions League.
There was a lot to do for the team, as it was not only a match with the team of the Old Trafford against the Royal Club.
For this reason, the club was not at its best in the tournament.
As a result, the Oldham club was the last team in the standings.
At the same time, the Royal club was in the top 4.
Of course, the match with Oldham was not a success.
But the team managed to get into the Champions Cup zone. This was a good result for the club and the fans.
You can follow the results of the matches of the Royal team on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the results not only of the games of the Champions, but of all the tournaments of the Premier league.
Also, the website provides the results for the matches with the teams of the lower leagues.
All the information is available to you in full.
Results of matches of Manchester City
The season of the English Premier League was not very successful for the Manchester City.
Many people expected the team to get to the Champions league zone, but this was not possible.
City was not strong enough to get the necessary results.
Moreover, the main star of the squad, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was not playing well.
Ibrahimovic was the main player of the Swedish club Malmo. He was the top scorer of the national championship with 12 goals.
Zlatan was the second top scorer with 7 goals. The Swede was the leading scorer of all tournaments in which he participated.
During the season, he scored a total of 21 goals. This figure is not only the best of all time, but is also the highest for the entire season.
Malmo was the best team of England. It was the only team in Europe that managed to win the championship.
Among the main competitors of the City, the other teams were:
* Arsenal;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool.
These teams had a lot more chances to get in the group stage of the tournament, but they did not get there.
So, the season of Manchester was not successful for City. The main stars did not play well, and the team could not get into a higher position in the English league table.
Going to the next season, the situation in the championship of England will be even worse.
Will the team be able to compete for gold medals again?
The next season of English Premier league will be very difficult for the City. Many people expected a lot from the team and they did it.
Now, the City is in the third place in the table of the championship, which is a great result for them.

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