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The Swiss national team is one of the most successful teams in the world. They have won the World Cup three times and the European Championship three times. This summer, the Swiss team has been strengthened by the acquisition of the following players:
* Marco Asensio;
* Thomas Broxham;
• Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
The team will be able to fight for the gold medals in the upcoming tournament. The Swiss national football team has a good chance of winning the tournament.
All the latest news about the Swiss national soccer team can be found at the official website of sports statistics. Here, the information is updated in real time.

The tournament of the European Championships will begin on May 13. The main event of the championship will be the final match between the Swiss and the Czech Republic. The game will be held at the Arena Zagreb.
You can always follow the results of the game on the website of the sports statistics, where the information about the tournament is updated live.
Switzerland vs Costa Rican live score
The Costa Rica national football federation has recently made some important changes. The federation has appointed a new head coach, who is a former player of the Swiss club Zürich.
Gonzalo Jara has been named the new head of the Costa Rica football federation. He is the fourth coach in the country after the appointment of Carlos Pavon, Mario Kempes and Oscar Jimenez.
Jara has a lot of experience in the coaching field. He has managed to get the job of the head coach of the Ecuadorian national football teams. He also led the national team of Costa Rica to the gold medal at the World Championship.
In the last season, Costa Rica finished in the top-4 of the World Rankings. The team of Jara is a good candidate for the victory in the European championship. The Costa Rica team has good players and a good coach.
It is very important for the team to win the tournament, because it will be a chance to get into the final qualifying round of the Champions League.
Live score of the match between Costa Rica and Switzerland
The match between Switzerland and Costa Rica will be played on May 12. The match will be part of the qualification for the Champions’ League. The home stadium of the team is the St. Jakobshalle in Züri.
This season, the Costa Ricans have a good opportunity to win gold medals. The tournament of European Championships is very interesting for fans. The national team has already won the championship of the Old Continent. The next tournament will be even more interesting.
At the moment, the team of the new coach has a very good chance to win. The players of the national football club are very motivated. They want to win a lot.
Follow the results on the sports website of statistics. The information is always updated in live mode.
Football live score of matches of the season 2018/19
The football season in the Western European countries has already ended. The fans of the sport can find out the results in the live mode on the site of sports data. Here you can find the latest information about matches of national teams, as well as other teams.
Among the top teams of the country, the following teams have already won gold medals:
1. Spain. The Catalans have won gold in the national championship for the second time in a row.
2. Portugal. The Portuguese team has won the European Cup for the third time in the last four years.
3. Italy. The Italians have won a lot in the international arena. The last time they won gold was in the 1990s.
4. Germany. The Germans have won two gold medals, the first in the World Championships and the second in the Champions’ League. This year, they will be in the final of the German Cup.
5. France. The French team has not won gold at the European or World Championships. However, they have won at the domestic arena.
6. Belgium. The Belgians have won three Champions’ Leagues. They are in the fourth position in the ranking of the number of victories.
7. Netherlands. The Dutch team has recently won gold. They were the first team to do it in the current season.
8. England. The English team has just won the Champions Cup. They will be one of two teams in a new season to win all the tournaments.
9. Italy national team. The Italian team has the best results in all tournaments. They won the gold in all the competitions.
10. Spain national team, which is in the third position in terms of the results.
11. Portugal national team and Spain national football clubs. The Spanish national team won the most trophies.
12. Germany national team will play in the Euro 2020.
13. Italy under the leadership of Antonio Conte.
14. France national football. The squad of the French national team was the best in the previous season. It has already qualified for the European League. However it is not clear whether it will qualify for the next stage of the tournament or not.
15. Belgium national football national team under the guidance of Joris Van Zweden.
16. Netherlands national football and Belgium national team have not won the tournament in the modern era.

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