Barcelona to make a world record £199m bid for Philippe Coutinho.

Barcelona to make a world record £199m bid for Philippe Coutinho. The Brazilian is the most expensive player in the history of the game, but the Catalans are not interested in the money. They want to buy the player for the right price.
The club is ready to pay the price for the player. The cost of the transfer is £199 million, which is the same as the amount of money that Real Madrid paid for the same player.
However, the club is not interested only in the player’s value. Coutinho is a player that can help the club in several ways.
1. He can be a substitute for Lionel Messi. Couto is the main player of the team, but Messi is the best scorer of the club.
2. He is a good defender.
3. He has a good understanding with the coach Ernesto Valverde.
4. He will give the team a good balance.
5. He’ll be able to score a lot of goals.
All these factors will help the team to win the Champions League.

The Catalans have already signed Neymar, and the transfer will be finalized in the near future. Coutillo will join the team for free.
Will the team buy new players?
The team is not averse to buying new players, but they need to be the right ones. The club has a lot to offer, and they can’t afford to lose their main stars.
At the moment, the team has only a few players that can replace Messi. They are:
* Gerard Pique;
* Neymar;
* Sergio Busquets;
The first two are already in the team. The third is a free agent, so he’d be a good option for the club, too.
Neymar is the star of the football world. He scored a lot and became the best player of Brazil. He also scored a goal in every World Cup he participated in.
In the current season, he scored a total of 12 goals. He was the best in the tournament of the previous year.
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Where can fans watch the game of the Catalan team?
Fans can follow the team on the Internet. They can see the results of the games on the site of sports analytics. The information is updated in real time.
There are several ways to follow Barcelona on the net. They include:
1) The website of the sports statistics, where the information is available in full.
This is the simplest way to follow all the events of the season.
You can also use the mobile version of the site. It is available on the device of your choice.
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Live score today
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If you want to see the live scores of the current match, you need to go to the section “Live scores”. Here, you’re able to find the information about the game and the players of the teams.
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A convenient way to watch football
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For this, you just need to have an Internet connection. The mobile version is available for free, too; it is convenient for those who do not have a computer.
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How to follow live score
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Today, the fans can follow live scores on the football field.

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