‘Nobody had our backs’: The Saints, the NFL and Katrina

‘Nobody had our backs’: The Saints, the NFL and Katrina

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We’re all going to see a lot of commemorations, recollections and reflections on Hurricane Katrina as the 10th anniversary of the disaster (natural and unnatural) approaches on August 28, a week from Friday. As they start to come in, we’ll post them here at blacktopxchange.com.

But be warned, you won’t find many better than this one, from the Sporting News, about what the Saints faced that 2005 season, when they were driven from their hometown, their home fans and their home field. Quarterback Aaron Brooks and John Carney tell how their lives were turned upside down … and how the NFL and their union did almost nothing to help turn it right-side up.

Not for the players, coaches, or anyone connected to the franchise, Brooks pointed out.

“No one really focused on the team in terms of the welfare of the players, the welfare of the staff and the organization,” Brooks said. “They were going through the same things. We could move more easily because we had the money to do so. What about the secretary? What about the ticket office people? Everybody was displaced.”

It’s all a handy reminder that the NFL didn’t just started getting clumsy and short-sighted this past year. This debacle took place while Paul Tagliabue was still commissioner.

It’s all worth a read, if you can stomach it.