DeflateGate talk Sunday on WEAA-FM

DeflateGate talk Sunday on WEAA-FM

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Welcome back!

You were patient with the Blacktopxchange site, and we appreciate it. You were loyal and supportive of the past work we’ve posted, and we’re thankful. Now, you get more of what you came here for: fresh content, no-holds-barred opinions and a close-up view of how the sports world and non-sports world blend into one.

Oh, and you get a taste of what’s coming every week on the Blacktopxchange Sports Report, on WEAA, 88.9 FM in Baltimore and everywhere. Joining hosts Ali Danois and David Steele tomorrow night at 7 p.m. is Bob Kravitz, sports columnist at in Indianapolis. The world first found out about DeflateGate from this tweet and his story, early in the morning after the AFC championship game between the Patriots and Colts, and he’s been following it ever since. Here’s his latest on it.

Now that Tom Brady’s suspension has been taken to court, what’s next? Bob Kravitz will fill you in. So tune in. And keep watching this space.