Serena Williams yanks Instagram post of her … assets

Serena Williams yanks Instagram post of her … assets

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Typically at this time of year we’re following Serena Williams as she marches her way through another Grand Slam event.

But Williams got bounced in the second round of the French Open last week, leaving her fans having to fill a void.

While you can’t follow Williams’ tennis game this week as the French Open comes to a conclusion, you can follow her through her social media accounts. And we’ve decided to file a daily Serena Williams post until the end of the tournament.

Yesterday Williams posted this tweet:

And if you clicked on the link, it took you to her Instagram page that showed off her  … ample behind.

If you go to that link today, the Instagram post is no longer there. But through the wonders of cached files (remember, people, just because you delete a post doesn’t mean it no longer exists), we’ve found the image. It’s on the far left of some of the beach photos that we’ve already shown you:

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 6.28.54 PM


What did she mean by the tweet? Is she 50 percent of where she wants to be? Bigger than she wants to be? Does she plan on losing 50 percent?