Paul George dismisses ugly rumors with Instagram Post

Paul George dismisses ugly rumors with Instagram Post

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There have been plenty of rumors surrounding the Indiana Pacers, as they collapsed over the second half of the season. Those rumors have focused on:

  • Threesomes that included two of the players
  • A gay man who claims he cat-fished one of the Pacer stars
  • A stripper getting pregnant
  • And a player sleeping with a teammates’ fiancée.

The player connected to all of those rumors is Paul George. And last night he took to Instagram to address them:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.48.04 AM


Why did George address them last night? It’s because of a post published Monday on a groupie website that alleged George had slept with Hibbert’s fiancée. The post printed a letter to he website that supposedly outlined the entire alleged episode, and the fracturing of the team after it happened.

If you want to read the post and the other rumors, google it. They won’t be hard to find.