UPDATE: Los Angeles branch of NAACP to honor Donald Sterling with NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award

UPDATE: Los Angeles branch of NAACP to honor Donald Sterling with NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award

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Often a racist will defend his or her comments with the following line:

“I’m not a racist, some of my best friends are black.”

It appears Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling can defend himself with a similar line:

“I’m not a racist. I’ve received two lifetime achievement awards from the NAACP.”

That’s right. The Los Angeles branch of the NAACP is scheduled to honor Sterling with a lifetime achievement award. After honoring Sterling with a lifetime achievement award in 2009. And after giving Sterling the 2008 Presidents Award in 2008.

Upon hearing that, this is the best response we can come up with here:

What the f#*@.

If the audio tape of Sterling saying that he doesn’t want black people to come to his basketball games proves to be legit, it’s shocking that he got busted.

But it’s not a surprise.

Sterling has a long history of being a foul individual.

According to a column written by Jeff Pearlman, here’s what Sterling had to say back in the 1980s, when he as courting Rollie Massimino to be his basketball coach:

“I wanna know why you think you can coach these niggers.”

Back in 2009, when Sterling received that first NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award, he was being sued by Elgin Baylor, the team’s former general manager, for wrongful termination. In that lawsuit Baylor (who lost the suit) alleged that Sterling was unwilling to properly compensate star black players. Here’s what he said in the deposition of the suit against Sterling about a low-ball offer to Danny Manning:

“Donald T. said ‘Well that’s a lot of money for a poor black…’- I think he said kid. For a poor black kid I think. For a poor black something, kid or boy or something. Poor black. Poor black.”

As the result of a federal housing bias, Sterling was ordered to play a $2.73 million settlement because of housing discrimination. According to depositions published by ESPN The Magazine, Sterling didn’t rent to blacks “because they smell,” and hispanics because they “just sit around and smoke and drink all day.”

In 2003 Sterling testified that he paid a woman $500 for sex on a regular basis. Among the comments he made in his testimony:

“Well, I fool around sometimes … When I’m in the limousine, she takes all of her clothes. The limo driver said, what is going on? And she started sucking me on the way to Mr. Koon’s house. And I thank her. I thank her for making me feel good.”

“Her best sex was better than words can express.”

When Baron Davis played for the Clippers, he was taunted by Sterling. Here’s what Davis told the New York Post in 2012:

“And the other lowest point is when I played for the Clippers. … I just stopped liking basketball. And then you dribbling down the court and having the owner like cuss at you and call you an idiot. I didn’t even look forward to coming to the games, and if the owner [Donald Sterling] came to the game, I definitely was not gonna have a good game because it was just like, how do you play when the main heckler in the gym is the owner of the team, and he’s telling you how much he hates you and calling out your name?”

So adding up the score, Sterling over the years didn’t want to properly compensate black players; he didn’t want to rent to minorities, he cheated on his wife with a prostitute; and he harassed one of his own black players.

Those are the reasons, alone, that he should not be honored by any ethnic organization.

So for Sterling to get two two lifetime achievement awards from the NAACP?

He must be cutting a big check.

But, seriously, do you allow a racist to make a payment to clear his conscience?

That shouldn’t happen, under any circumstances. Regardless of whether it’s the national organization, or the local chapter.

The last time this happened, the NAACP tried to explain why Sterling was given the award.

We can’t wait to hear what the organization has to say this time around.

UPDATE: NAACP interim president Lorraine Miller appeared on Meet the Press this morning and said Donald Sterling would not be getting the Lifetime Achievement Award. That was repeated later on Twitter: