A cry for help: Aldon Smith arrested for bomb threat at airport (video)

A cry for help: Aldon Smith arrested for bomb threat at airport (video)

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The moral of this story is: you never, ever, EVER make a “bomb” joke at the airport. There are other lessons from this, specifically about the person accused of doing this, but that will do for a start.

Aldon Smith, the 49ers’ young linebacker who already has a long list of personal and legal troubles, is out of jail on bond in southern California after his arrest Sunday night at Los Angeles International Airport. Police say Smith became “belligerent and uncooperative” when he was pulled out of the security line for random screening. Which many of us can relate to, sadly.

What took it up a level was when, police said, he made “a comment indicating that he was in possession of a bomb.” The result was pretty much expected, as this TMZ.com video shows.

Smith is only 24 years old and has played just three seasons, going to one Super Bowl – but he also has been charged three times with DUI, three more times on weapons charges and was put on leave last season while he went into rehab.

Meanwhile, any talk of bombs at airports bring federal authorities into the picture. The worst may yet to come for Smith, even if he was joking or talking out of his head from being under the influence of something.

His career is definitely in jeopardy – but more important, so is his life. Hopefully his next visit to treatment will take hold and his next lesson won’t come in jail, or somewhere worse.