Fake hockey fight ends in life-time suspension

Fake hockey fight ends in life-time suspension

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You probably never heard of the Danville Dashers or the Dayton Demonz, both of the Federal Hockey League. But those two teams were involved in one of the weirdest hockey “fights” over the weekend, a fight that got two players suspended—one of them for life.

The situation, as reported by SI.com:  Danville’s Matt Puntureri and Dayton’s Jesse Felton both tossed their gloves and helmets just after a third period face-off, and it appeared the two were about to throw down.

But right at the time you thought punches were going to be thrown, the two men hugged it out, and  Puntureri reached into his pants and pulled out a well, you have to watch what happened:

Puntureri told SI that the two planned the exchange before the game. And what happened afterwards?

The FHL has banned Felten for the entire playoffs, and, though Puntureri hasn’t officially gotten word from the league, he’s heard through the grapevine that he’s been slapped with a lifetime ban from the league — a most severe punishment for a largely harmless, and quite hilarious, stunt.

Seems a tall price to pay for a fake hockey fight.