Bad News Knicks: After Knicks lose heartbreaker, Raymond Felton arrested

Bad News Knicks: After Knicks lose heartbreaker, Raymond Felton arrested

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So, on the list of rotten days the Knicks have endured this season, Monday night-Tuesday morning would rank … where? Top 5? Top 2? No. 1?

Dirk Nowitzki’s Hall-of-Fame shooter’s-bounce jumper for the game-winner at Madison Square Garden was actually the highlight of the Knicks’ day.

That’s because hours later, starting point guard Raymond Felton turned himself in to New York city police on multiple gun possession charges.

According to the New York Daily News, Felton’s wife — with whom he’s been married less than two years and is now divorcing him — brought the gun to the police just to get it out of their home. It’s not clear whether she knew that the gun was not registered, but the police confirmed that quickly and charged him.

This goes far beyond Felton’s terrible year, the jibes about his weight, and the Knicks’ attempts to replace him before the trade deadline. New York’s gun laws are notoriously strict, as former Giant Plaxico Burress found out five years ago when he took an unlicensed gun into a bar and wound up shooting himself.

Then there’s the NBA’s gun policy, which Wizards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton learned the hard way in 2010 after they brought firearms into the locker room. Both were suspended for the rest of that season; Crittenton never played another game and has faced both drug and murder charges in recent years.

The headlines “Raymond Felton arrested” is not a good look for the struggling Knicks, and is not a good look for the NBA. Expect the league to come down with a heavy penalty on Felton.