Website pulls racist Charlie Strong T-shirt

Website pulls racist Charlie Strong T-shirt

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Once the decision to hire Charlie Strong as the head coach of Texas was made, you knew there would be people who would show their true colors.

One of the first was booster Red McCombs, who said initially that Strong wasn’t a good hire because he was—at the most—qualified to be a coordinator or a position coach. (McCombs has since apologized to Strong, and offered his strong support).

The latest: this T-shirt, which many perceived to be racist, that was being sold last week:



The T-shirt references Strong replacing Mack Brown, who was the coach at Texas for 16-years. The website that was selling this Charlie Strong  T-Shirt,, has since taken the listing down.

It’s not a surprise. Black football coaches getting an opportunity to coach at majority institutions is a rarity. And on those rare occasions that it does happen, some people just don’t know how to act.  Remember the “Hip-hop coach” tweet from the Dallas Morning News?

maxresdefaultRacist shit happens. Before he got his first shot at Louisville, Strong told a reporter that a struggling southern BCS school didn’t want to hire him because he has a white wife.

His skin color? The color of the skin of his wife? Strong, we’re sure, has heard it all — and will continue to hear it down in Austin.

All he has to do to shut everyone up is what he’s done on a consistent basis since becoming a head coach:


Even a racist can appreciate a winner.


Bret Bryon says:

Has it occurred to anybody that this t-shirt was made by a black person?!?!

It feels to me like its meant to be a big middle finger to both Mack Brown as well as any UT fans who might not be 100% thrilled about Charlie Strong’s selection to replace him.

(NOTE: I am not a UT fan and could care less who coaches the team)

Sorry, but this t-shirt seems more like those “Its a black thing…you wouldn’t understand” t-shirts from back in the ’80s. If that’s the case, then its still racist, but not the kind of racism all of you are assuming.

So I challenge you all to drop your preconceived notions about this and maybe find out who tried to sell this shirt in the first place. Instead of just assuming for reasons of craven, bullsh*t political correctness that it was a white guy.