A.J. McCarron’s mom ridiculing Jameis Winston shows why we love Twitter

A.J. McCarron’s mom ridiculing Jameis Winston shows why we love Twitter

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Twitter can be an incredible special tool for disseminating news, promoting an idea or simply reaching out to the public.

And it’s also a place where people put their true feelings out for all to see.

And that’s what A.J. McCarron’s mother, Dee Dee McCarron, did last night when she sent this tweet out as Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was being interviewed following the Seminoles incredible comeback win over Auburn in the most exciting BCS championship game in years:

Dee Dee

Winston, of course, is from Alabama. So is Dee Dee, so we’re sure there was not problem understanding what Winston was saying (that’s Dee Dee, above, kissing her famous son).

Of course, after pulling the initial tweet, Dee Dee responded with her apology:

Sorry, Dee Dee, the damage is already done.

So, the week is three days old and we already have:

  • The Dallas Morning News using ┬áthe term “Not a hip-hop coach” in referring to new Texas coach Charlie Strong (and, no, just because ESPN commentator Lou Holtz used the term in the past doesn’t make it right).
  • And a New York Times writer unfairly dragging Michael Vick’s name through the dirt with a completely off-base article about why the Eagles shouldn’t bring him back because of his ┬ádark past. What Michael Vick did with dogs was bad. He served time, and has apologized. If you’re going to write a piece about him not coming back to Philadelphia, just explain he didn’t get the job done! Don’t bring up more bullshit about the dogs.

Perhaps we should start a “coded message of the week” award here. In three days this week, we have some strong candidates.

By the way, here’s the post-game interview by Winston, a freshman. We’re still trying to figure out where Dee Dee had a problem: