The List: The top dunks of 2013

The List: The top dunks of 2013

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What’s your dunk preference?

We like our dunks with power. We like our dunks with victims. And we like our dunks in game situations.

With that said, here’s our list of the top dunks of 2013 — from prep schools to college hoops to the NBA.

Did your favorites make the list?


No. 10 DeMar Derozan, Toronto Raptors

His 2013 master work: Thunderous dunk over Denver’s Timofey Mozgov in February.

The bad thing about DeMar Derozan playing in Toronto: very few people know he’s  in the NBA.

But he can definitely be occasionally found if he has more moments like this.


No. 9 Marcus Lewis Eastern Kentucky University

His 2013 master work: Dunking an inbounds pass against Southwest Missouri State in February.

What a high degree of difficulty on this one. The one-handed catch, while the defensive player slides under you. The extension. And the impressive slam.

Also, did you see that sick  dunk by Victor Dukes (which follows the Lewis dunk on the tape)? The dunk by Lewis happened in December 2012: had it occurred a month later, it would have made our list.


No. 8 Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers

Their 2013 master work: Crawford’s lob pass to Blake Griffin against the Milwaukee Bucks in March

This is a dunk where we had to give credit to both the deliverer and the dunker.

Yes, Crawford walks in setting up the between the legs pass. But that’s OK.

He got it up near the rim, and Griffin did simply did what he does.


No. 7 Seventh Woods, Hammond High School (S.C.)

His 2013 master work:  His dunk vs. crosstown rival Dreher High School at the Chick-Fil-A Classic in South Carolina.

If you’ve never heard of Seventh Woods, you better ask somebody (or watch this ridiculous mix-tape video from his freshman season at Hammonds High School in Columbia, SC). Woods is now a 15-year-old sophomore and  might be the most complete player  on this level.

Woods stands 6-feet and—while he can dunk with the best of them—what makes him special is his fundamentally sound style of play that makes him mature beyond his years.


No. 6 Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

His 2013 master work: Vicious dunk over Gerald Wallace and Chris Humpries (February 5, 2013).

Will Kobe ever come back to resemble the player he once was? That’s doubtful.

But we do have the memories.


No. 5 LeBron James, Miami Heat

His 2013 master work: Catching a lob pass from Dwyane Wade and finishing with a left-handed dunk.

An ESPN announcer called this Christmas day basket  the best dunk he’s ever seen.

We’ll say the announcer hasn’t seen too much basketball.

But this is pretty impressive on many levels: the accurate pass off the glass. The left-handed catch off the glass. And pulling his head back so it didn’t slam against the bottom of the backboard.


No. 4 Russ Smith, Louisville Cardinals

His 2013 master work: Dunk over Kentucky’s Julius Randle on Dec. 28.

Russ Smith. He brings energy on every play and your love or hate for him is determined by whether he’s hitting shots.

Smith got on a little run toward the end of the first half of Saturday’s game against Kentucky, and tried to send a message with this combination of speed, leaping ability and power:

Yes, Louisville lost the game.  But in dunking over Randle, one of the best freshmen players in college basketball, Smith gave us a moment to remember.


No. 3 Javonte Douglas,  College of Central Florida

His 2013 master work: An incredible tip-dunk against  Pasco-Hernando Community College.

The problems playing in a small college environment: there’s often very little evidence of some of the great moments.

Thank goodness someone had a camera out for this one.


No. 2 Christian Terrell Jacksonville Providence High School (Fla.)

His 2013 master work: A devastating summer league dunk.

It was just your typical summer league game in Florida. And then this happened:

Why do we like this dunk so much? That Terrell brought so much anger with him to the rim, where he faced a tough challenge.

This dunk generated one of the best Youtube comments that we’ve read this year:

“That was almost a hate crime. LOL.”

Terrell, a 6′ 2″ guard, will play at Florida Gulf Coast next year.

And there’s no truth the DJ started playing The Wobble in the gym as the victim of the dunk recovered.


No. 1 DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers

His 2013 master work: A  dunk over Detroit’s Brandon Knight during a March game at the Staples Center. 

What started out as a normal lob pass from Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan turning into this:

We love the reaction from the fans. From the announcers. From Jordan’s teammates.

And as RIP Brandon Knight became a trending topic on twitter, we loved the memes that were created in the aftermath: