Bonehead play of the day courtesy of Knicks’ forward Andrea Bargnani

Bonehead play of the day courtesy of Knicks’ forward Andrea Bargnani

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Earlier this week conversations began to heat up over whether New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson would be fired after his team—on the verge of victory—first allowed a layup in the closing seconds, and then didn’t call a timeout to advance the ball and set-up a last second play in a 102-101 loss to the Washington Wizards.

Last night, it looked like Knicks’ forward Andrea Bargnani was personally trying to show Woodson the door.

This was the situation: the Knicks had the ball and the lead, 94-92, in the final minute of the game at Milwaukee. With 15 seconds left Tyson Chandler rebounded a missed Carmelo Anthony jumper, and kicked it out to Bargnani:

If you’re Bargnani do you:

  1. Swing the ball around the perimeter and milk the final seconds of the game for the win.
  2. Hold the ball and wait to be fouled — you hit two free throws, you have the win.
  3. Call a timeout, and allow the team’s best free throw shooters to enter the game in an obvious foul situation.
  4. Or, this:

Of course, the Bucks called timeout and got a tip-in by John Henson to send the game into overtime.

And, luckily for Woodson, the Knicks won the game in double overtime.

The good news: Chandler is back, and contributed nine points, nine rebounds and a much-needed defensive presence in his return.

The bad news: these are the Knicks.