Adrien Broner: Bad night, or total fraud?

Adrien Broner: Bad night, or total fraud?

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Adrien Broner sure had an interesting way of preparing for Saturday’s championship fight against Marcos Maidana.

He said he ate lots of ice cream.

He did a lot of rapping.

He was a participant in a leaked sex tape where he was getting it on and in—unprotected—with two strippers.

So the fact that Maidana—a noted puncher—beat Broner by unanimous decision was no surprise.

What was a surprise was the way Broner went out, doing things like this:

And this:

While being knocked silly like this:

Give Broner credit: he’s an incredible hype man, who managed to become a huge star with the backing of a television network. Some even compared him with Floyd Mayweather.

But prepping for a fight, Mayweather has always been all business. He trains hard, he studies his opponent and he overwhelms every fighter who stands before him.

If Broner can rebound from his loss and get serious about his craft, perhaps he can avenge his loss and get back on the path to being compared with that guy, Mayweather.

Right now, he looks more like this guy:

Who, in the first real fight of his career, had this done to him by  Marco Antonio Barrera:

Prince Naseem Hamed retired a year later after that defeat, the only loss of his career.

A message to Broner: the fall can be as swift as the rise.