The Washington Redskins: RG3 gets played liked a chess piece

The Washington Redskins: RG3 gets played liked a chess piece

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Remember, back in the summer, when NFL training camps opened?  Remember how Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan went eyeball-to-eyeball with each other over RG3’s rehab schedule? And remember how some people predicted that not only would this last all season, but might never be resolved?

You should remember it.

It’s nowhere close to being resolved. Griffin and the Washington Redskins are going to have to start all over again next season, since Shanahan practically has one foot out the door, and appears to be trying to get the other one out as soon as possible by sitting Griffin down for the last three games of the season.

Worse, Shanahan finally admitted Wednesday – or at least acknowledged the possibility – that the mess that RG3’s return has become started with him and his decision to keep him in the playoff game last January, even though everyone else in the known world knew he was hurt.

“I could have kicked myself in the rear” for letting that happen, Shanahan said.

A little late for that. And a little late to show the same concern for his health now – with the season gone down the toilet and the coach’s job on the line, as opposed to last season riding a hot streak into the playoffs and everybody’s future feeling nice and safe.

If Shanahan seems “sick to death” now – and as red as his faces gets during that press conference, it’s a legit concern – it might be more because he’s tied to the team for one more year, he’s the latest coach to cross paths with Dan Snyder, and if he doesn’t wiggle his way out of this, he’ll have the same hard questions to answer about how he handles the gem of the franchise that he did last year.

Meanwhile, as much as Griffin is being given equal blame for this fiasco, it’s become lost on too many people that:

  • He’s not the grown-up or the authority figure—the coach and owner are
  • He came back too early from the knee injury, but the job of managing his rehab falls to others as much as to him
  • And he got dropped into an organization that, long before he ever showed up, has not just lived off of chaos, but has been addicted to it.

Now he’s being moved around by the coach and owner like a chess piece, with everybody claiming it’s for his own good.

Someone should have thought of that a year ago. If they had, maybe none of this would be going on now.