Syracuse’s Jerami Grant Throws Down The Nastiest Dunk of the Night

Syracuse’s Jerami Grant Throws Down The Nastiest Dunk of the Night

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Young folks, in the words of ESPN’s great basketball analyst Jay Bilas, “This is why coaches tell you to block out. MY GOODNESS!!!”

For those who are getting their first glimpse at Syracuse’s Jerami Grant this year, he was a valuable sub last year as a freshman, when The Orangemen advanced to the Final Four.

Jerami’s dad is Harvey Grant, who was once a serviceable NBA forward with the Washington Bullets in the early ’90s. Harvey’s twin brother Horace was more well-known, the result of his winning four championships, three with the Jordan Bulls and one with the Shaq and Kobe Lakers.

Jerami’s versatility, length, agility and defensive ability make him an intriguing NBA Draft prospect who can increase his stock with a productive sophomore season.

He’ll need to show pro scouts that he can handle the ball and that he has some semblance of a scoring arsenal, other than flying to the rim for some “Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife”-type dunks, which as we’ve already seen, he does quite magnificently.

Right now, just marvel at his athleticism and effort. When coaches say that players have a motor, watch Jerami to see what that means. And if opposing players refuse to box out while going for rebounds, we should giddily expect many more moments like this in the days and months ahead.