Winston-Salem State QB says he was attacked by “five or six players”

Winston-Salem State QB says he was attacked by “five or six players”

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Winston-Salem State quarterback Rudy Johnson says he was jumped by “five or six” Virginia State players in a bathroom—an attack that led to the cancellation of Saturday’s CIAA championship game and cost Virginia State a possible Division II post season berth.

Johnson told his story during a press conference on Monday, seemingly contradicting the vague account shared by Virginia State coach Latrell Scott  earlier in the day.

In that account, Scott said “there may have been a rush to judgement” about the accusations against his team, and indicated that just one Virginia State player was involved in the incident that led the CIAA to ban his team from postseason play.

Here’s what Scott said:

“I acknowledge that we had one young man who made a bad decision, as young men sometimes do. And it’s very disappointing for these young men to accomplish what they accomplished and not have the opportunity to do play for the championship.”

Johnson said that he was in the bathroom when he encountered “five or six” Virginia State players. When someone asked him if he was the starting quarterback and began talking trash, Johnson said he responded that he would save his words for the field.

He said he was washing his hands when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He said he was punched when he turned, and sucker punched when he squared off with the person who hit him. When he went to the ground he said the players began to kick him.

Video of the Winston-Salem press conference can be found below, courtesy of WGHP-TV in North Carolina: