Brazilian rides record-breaking 100-foot wave

Brazilian rides record-breaking 100-foot wave

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There’s a beach off the shore of Portugal that’s known among surfers as the world’s best location for large waves. And when violent storms struck Europe over the weekend, the surfers in the region converged on Nazare, a fishing village.

What most of us would see as dangerous conditions, Brazilian Carlos Burle saw as an opportunity. And Burle rode a wave that was estimated at 100-feet, which would break the world record set in 2011 by Garet McNamara who rode a 78-foot wave in the same location.

Before he appeared to break the record, Burle had to play the role of a here as he saved fellow Brazilian Maya Gabeira, who nearly drowned after being knocked down by a large wave. Gabeira suffered a broken ankle, and was taken to a local hospital. She was able to post a message on Facebook thanking her supporters.

Here’s video of the wave Burle rode.