The sad, sad story of former Georgetown star Victor Page

The sad, sad story of former Georgetown star Victor Page

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victor-pagejr-1864235Remember Victor Page? The former backcourt partner of Allen Iverson at Georgetown?  The guy who—after AI went to the NBA—went on to become the leading scorer in the Big East?

He’s now spending his days in jail, after being sentenced to 10 years last month on charges of second degree assault.

His story was outlined this week in the Washington Times, who paid a visit to Page at the Prince Georges County Correctional Center.

Some of the highlights from the story on the one-time Washington, DC basketball legend who once seemed bound for the riches of the NBA:

  • Since 2010 he’s been jailed nine times.
  • He’s currently serving time after being convicted of  assaulting a woman, and chasing her with a knife.
  • He lost his right eye in 2003 after being shot.
  • He’s been charged with 33 crimes in Maryland and Washington, DC over the past three and a half years.

After failing to make it to the NBA, Page played for the Sioux Falls Skyforce in the CBA. He was so good that the Skyforce  retired his jersey in 2004.

Page was so confident of his basketball skills that he thought as recently as 2009 (as shown in the video below) that he could still make it to the NBA.