Sean Taylor murder trial begins today in Miami

Sean Taylor murder trial begins today in Miami

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The trial of one of the men accused of killing Redskins safety Sean Taylor in 2007 begins Tuesday in Miami. Eric Rivera Jr. — now 23, then just 17 — faces first-degree murder charges and could get life in prison if convicted.

Nothing that has ever happened to the franchise has been as painful as Taylor’s pointless slaying in his home  in front of his fiancee and infant daughter as he tried to protect them from Rivera and four other young men attempting to rob the house.

All that’s left now is the memories. There are many, but none are as indelible as a play Taylor made in the most meaningless, inconsequential game on the schedule every year: the Pro Bowl. Against a punter, yet.

Poor Brian Moorman. What Taylor did to him, as you see in this video, translated into multiple languages.