Fenway Park fan ejected for snatching ball from woman allegedly got away with shouting racist remarks at black fans

Fenway Park fan ejected for snatching ball from woman allegedly got away with shouting racist remarks at black fans

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If you catch a home run hit by an opposing player in a baseball game and decide to throw it back, that’s your prerogative.

But to snatch a ball from the woman who caught the home run hit by Detroit’s Alex Avila, and throw it back on the field like the guy above did?

That’s ridiculous.

Security at Fenway Park grabbed the guy and threw him out of the stadium. But, in reality, he never should have been in the stands to take the ball from that woman. Not for the racist remarks that he was allegedly shouting at black fans the entire game.

This from Yahoo Sports!:

The man was not immediately identified, and stadium security declined to provide his name. But fans in Section 42 of the stadium confirmed that he directed multiple slurs at 25-year-old Angelo Sikoutris, a Detroit Tigers fan from Brooklyn, including a reference to Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager whose shooting death sparked a national firestorm and prompted fierce debate about modern-day racism.

“He was talking all game,” Sikoutris told Yahoo Sports from his seat in Row 1, right above the Tigers’ bullpen, two innings after the man was escorted out by security after throwing back a home run hit by Detroit catcher Alex Avila.

According to the Yahoo Sports! story he allegedly called Sikoutris, who was wearing a Prince Fielder jersey and attended the game with his father, “Prince Fielder’s crackhead brother.” And he allegedly shouted “go back to the ghetto” to another black Tigers fan.

As the man was being led out, Sikoutris shouted goodbye. The man allegedly responded: “Bye, Trayvon.”

Yes, the stadium security did the right thing in tossing the fan out of the game for snatching the ball from the woman. But don’t you think someone should have made that decision earlier when he was shouting the comments to the black fans?

That fan is incredibly lucky. Lucky that he didn’t make those remarks to a group of less-than-diplomatic fans who might have decided to launch him into right field — just as he launched the ball.

Maybe security should have turned that guy over to some dudes like Marcellus, from the movie Pulp Fiction: