Kerry Rhodes, the NFL and the perception of being a gay athlete

Kerry Rhodes, the NFL and the perception of being a gay athlete

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Since the end of last season, when he graded out as the fourth best safety in the NFL, Kerry Rhodes has been the subject of many rumors.

Back in April Rhodes, a free agent, visited the Cincinnati Bengals, and the rumor was that he would sign there.

In late August there was a rumor floated that Rhodes could be back with the New York Jets.

And after New York Giants safety Stevie Brown went down with a torn ACL during the exhibition season, the thought was that Rhodes could end up there.

But the biggest rumor that quite possibly is keeping Rhodes out of work in the NFL appears to have little to do with how he performs on the field.

What’s likely keeping him away?

The perception that he’s gay.

Deadspin raised that question in a story on Thursday.  And Blacktopxchange raised that issue in the podcast below, that was taped earlier this week:.

Is Kerry Rhodes gay?

The photographs are easily found on the internet,  and that’s for the public to decide.

UOFLRHODESCan Kerry Rhodes play?

He’s started 116 of the 118 NFL games that he’s played and, at 31, it would be hard to find many in the NFL to play the safety position at his high level.

When NBA free agent Jason Collins came out in April, there was a tremendous amount of support from the sports world—much of that support from the NFL.

The NFL appeared ready to welcome a gay athlete into its ranks.

But then we see what is happening with Rhodes, a star athlete who can’t get a job even though he denies he’s gay.

So much for acceptance.