Tracy McGrady is not an all-time great

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What’s not to like about Tracy McGrady.

He’s a nice guy. He was an amazing talent. And like his cousin, Vince Carter, there were times on the court when he did things that were simply spectacular.

But all this talk — as he announced his retirement this week — that he’s an all-time great?

That’s comical.

Someday, McGrady will eventually enter the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame.tracy virgin


But he is by no means a first ballot guy.

Don’t get me wrong: McGrady’s talent, at his apex, was mesmerizing. Even Kobe Bryant is on the record as saying that McGrady gave him the most problems.

But eventually T-Mac’s dominance and phenomenal athleticism gave way to injuries that sabotaged his career.

This season with the San Antonio Spurs marked the first time that McGrady played beyond the first round of the playoffs.  And at some point, don’t you have to at least win one playoff series to be considered a great player?

If Bernard King, Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin, Artis Gilmore, Rick Barry, Walt Frazier, Pistol Pete Maravich, Wes Unseld, Tiny Archibald, Joe Dumars and Dominique Wilkins had to wait to get into the Hall of Fame, McGrady should have no problem waiting a few years.

T-Mac’s time will eventually come. It’s just going to take  a while.