For $8.5 million, you can own Kobe Bryant’s house

For $8.5 million, you can own Kobe Bryant’s house

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To fight the horrible Los Angeles traffic the past few seasons, Kobe Bryant on game day has traveled by helicopter from his home near the Ocean on Newport Coast to the Staples Center, about 45 miles away.

Perhaps Kobe’s gotten tired of the commute.

Bryant’s 8,471 square foot home — with four bedrooms and three bathrooms — is for sale for $8.59 million (those must be some huge bedrooms).

What do you get for $8.5 million these days? Here’s the info from the real estate listing:

  • A gated community
  • Unobstructed ocean views
  • 850 square foot gym
  • Large office/library with a shark tank
  • Resort quality grounds surrounding the outdoor pool

We know this for sure: it looks a lot better than the Baltimore-area house that former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has up for sale. 

Take a look at some of the photos:


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