This video preview of the 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes will get you hyped

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Let’s try to understand this Robby Donoho guy. He works as a television sports anchor in Columbus … Mississippi. He grew up a fan of Big 10 sports, and is a graduate of Purdue.

So why in the heck is he making these Ohio State season preview football movie trailers that will make even a non-Buckeye fan run through a brick wall?

Could it be because the first football game he attended at the age of six was Ohio State against Notre Dame?

We’re not exactly certain. We are sure of this: The kids got some production talent.┬áDonoho’s been making Ohio State season preview videos the past eight years.

If I’m Ohio State, I’d keep an eye on this guy. If that TV gig doesn’t work out, he might be a nice hire for the university.