Damn! Brandon Jennings victim of smack attack during Drew League semifinals

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Here’s how Los Angeles Magazine Web writer Danny Savitzky, who was attending yesterday’s Drew League action, reported the incident:

Jennings was playing with Hank’s A-1 All-Stars against the Kings of L.A., for whom basketball journeyman Mike Taylor played the point. Taylor had just scored a bucket on Jennings and appeared to mock him. The two kept jawing as they ran up court and when they stepped to each other, Taylor smacked him with his right hand.

The two had to be separated and Taylor was ejected. Taylor, who played with the Los Angeles Defenders in the D-League last season, once had a taste of the NBA with the Los Angeles Clippers 2008-09 season when he scored 35 points in a game against the New York Knicks.

The Kings of L.A. went on to win the game.