Stop the presses: King James shaves his head

Stop the presses: King James shaves his head

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The more LeBron James’s hairline began to recede, the more the four-time NBA MVP tried to fight it. As his hairline decreased,  the size of his headband increased. It got to the point where his attempted cover-up was so obvious that his hairline took to the public with its own Twitter feed:


Finally, James decided to let the hair go. During a stop on Nike’s “Witness History Tour” in the Philippines, James spotted a bald head.

Our verdict: It looks good on him. Certainly better than the look he sported during the NBA Finals when the NBA: Finals-Miami Heat-Practicetop front portion of his hair looked as if it were going through a divorce proceeding from the rest of the hair on his scalp.

The tour in the Philippines occurred in late July, but wide circulation of the images hit the Internet today.

Even the @Lebronshairline Twitter account was caught off guard by the stunning development.

There’s no word yet on the future of @Lebronshairline.

Here are some more photos of James’ new look from the tour: