USF coach Willie Taggart drives viral football video

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Willie Taggart taking over as the University of South Florida’s head football coach on Dec. 8 already was a momentous occasion. USF got one of the hottest young coaching candidates to revive its fading program, and Taggart is the only African-American major-college coach in Florida, and one of just 12 in the entire country.

Taggart immediately put his stamp on the job. He probably didn’t even know how much at the time, though. On the day he was introduced, he gave reporters a quote that was pretty catchy and potentially memorable:

 “It’s been proven that we can get there. What we have to do now is put everybody on the bus, put ’em in the right seat and let Coach T drive this bus.”

The USF marketing department must have known it had struck gold. This week, they reintroduced Taggart to America with the viral video of the college football season so far.

Coach T is, indeed, on the bus. He’s driving it. And the faces that fly by in the  71 second includes  Jon Gruden, Dick Vitale and others with ties to the Tampa Bay area.

(H/T Tampa Bay Times)