Report: A-Rod camp snitched on Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli

Report: A-Rod camp snitched on Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli

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CBS’s “60 Minutes” is reporting that people close to New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez were the source of documents that pulled Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun and his Yankees teammate, Francisco Cervelli, into the Biogenesis scandal that has rocked Major League Baseball and led to major suspensions.

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The handwritten documents of Anthony Bosch, the key witness in Major League Baseball’s PED investigation, revealed comprehensive doping regimens that Bosch had engineered for a host of professional athletes. His cooperation with MLB has resulted in the suspension of Rodriguez and 13 other major league players.

Braun and Cervelli’s names were redacted in the Miami New Times documents. Members of Rodriguez’s camp at the time obtained unredacted versions and leaked them to Yahoo! Sports, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the matter. The unredacted documents also implicated Baltimore Oriole Danny Valencia, who MLB later investigated and cleared.

In July, Braun was suspended for the remainder of this baseball season, amounting to 65 games. And earlier this month Cervelli and 11 other players were suspended for 50 games.

Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games but is in the Yankees line-up as he appeals.

According to the CBS News story, A-Rod’s camp denied leaking information.

If true, that means that instead of taking a hit for allegedly being dirty, A-Rod’s camp decided to bring down other players, including one of the brightest stars in the game. And that, my friend, is treading on dangerous territory.

Listen, everyone wants the game of baseball to be clean. And we’re all for thorough investigations that helps put everyone in the sport on an equal playing field.

But bringing down others, including a teammate?

The term “Snitches get stitches” is a description of a style of street justice that we don’t adhere to.

But if is this story is true, then payback, for A-Rod, is inevitable.

And if this story proves accurate, than A-Rod’s career is a rap.

We do know this: If he’s in the line-up tonight, he might want to wear an extra-thick helmet.