Donovan McNabb: Still all up in RG3’s business

Donovan McNabb: Still all up in RG3’s business

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Because you were dying to hear the latest on what Donovan McNabb thinks of Robert Griffin III … he thinks RG3 is being “brainwashed.”

Mighty strong term. Here’s the context, sort of.

McNabb has a history with the Redskins, and with Mike Shanahan. It was barely a year ago that McNabb – out of football but not officially retired yet – was ripping Shanahan’s ego and poking holes in his rep as an offensive guru, saying that he’d probably ruin Griffin with the Redskins.

Back in June McNabb offered Griffin some unsolicited advice, basically saying that RG3 was doing too much and needed to slow down.

Fast-forward to this week, when Griffin told GQ magazine in a cover story: “I don’t think Donovan is an idiot by any means. But right now, it’s probably best that we don’t talk.’’

Which triggered this latest salvo by McNabb on his national radio show Tuesday, as recorded by CSN Philadelphia:

“I’m just trying to help him. Clearly the young generation, they think they have all the answers. He’s going through a little turmoil right now, trying to make it out on the field, and it’s unfortunate. But that’s where we’re at right now as far as these young quarterbacks who think they have all the answers. Until things start to fall apart and come down trembling on you, then you want some help.

 “But it’s a shame. I honestly think that over there in Washington, he’s getting brainwashed. He’s getting input from whoever it may be on, ‘There’s no reason to talk to him, it didn’t work out here.’ If they expressed their dislike when I was there, or what I used to do, so be it.

 “But, I hope the best for the young man, but the direction he’s going in is really a direction he does not want to do. He does not want to go there with me, especially when I got the last word.”

 Okay, let’s take a look at this.

  • McNabb says he’s  got the last word? He’s 36, retired and — depending on his TV career — could possibly soon be forgotton. RG3 is 22 and lives with cameras and mikes surrounding him, and will for the next decade barring major injuries.
  • McNabb seems upset that RG3 doesn’t want to talk to a man who used him as a tool to feed his feud with his former coach, then tried to gravy-train the success he predicted would never happen. If that’s RG3’s intent, it’s a smart move.
  • McNabb thinks Griffin has all the answers, but it doesn’t at all feel that way. Had McNabb stepped to Griffin correctly, perhaps there’d be some useful dialogue between the two. But who wants to reach out to the hungry-for-attention, bad-finish-to-his-career McNabb.

No, McNabb, RG3 isn’t bitter.

He’s actually better for keeping his distance and avoiding the pissing match with you, and for refusing to get entangled in the misery that has clearly consumed you since the final, unsuccessful years of your career.