Fans of designer Alexander Wang lose their damn minds

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Sports fans often get a bad rap. Whether it’s a fan fight in the upper deck of an NFL game, or drunken fans doing battle at a Red Sox/Yankees game in the Bronx. 

You’d never see conduct like that at a New York City event featuring a popular American designer, right? You’d never see a group of young, urban hipsters and yuppies lose it when given an opportunity to walk away with free clothes, right?

The background of this video: Fans on July 13 were invited to an “undisclosed one-time only event.”

And, once inside, they lost their damn minds.

One question: Who the hell is Alexander Wang?

[Update: As a sports fan, we had no clue. But our fashion friends tell us Wang is extremely well known and has designed clothing for Michelle Obama. So excuse our fashion ignorance.]