Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper apologizes for dropping N-bomb

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Meet Riley Cooper. He’s a wide receiver with the Philadelphia Eagles and is set to play a bigger role with the team since Jeremy Maclin is out with a season-ending injury.

And from this point on, there will be added danger every time he runs a pattern across the middle of the field.

The above video shows Cooper at a Kenny Chesney concert this summer. And it shows Cooper clearly using the “N” word. What he says:

“I will jump that fence and fight every nigger here.”

Apparently Cooper had gotten into a skirmish in the parking lot before the concert.  For whatever reason, he was in a fighting mood.

Once the video was leaked yesterday on the Web site, this was Cooper’s response via twitter:

Cooper 1


Cooper 2

Cooper 3

Consequences? Cooper might have to face those tomorrow in practice, and during the rest of the season as he runs passing routes.

Mr. Cooper, get ready for a hard-knock life. Hope you’re in a fighting mood.