Kevin Durant video highlights: Cold crushing the Drew League

Kevin Durant video highlights: Cold crushing the Drew League

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Summer vacation? Yeah, OK. Try explaining to Kevin Durant what that is. One thing we love about KD is his willingness to show up at the best summer tournaments around the country and give folks who might not be able to afford court side NBA seats during the regular season, a chance to witness his brilliance up close and personal.

Back in the day, legendary NBA players like Wilt Chamberlain, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe and Dr. J would play summer ball at tournaments like Harlem’s Rucker League or Philly’s Baker League.

Nowadays, you don’t see many pro superstars willing to put their reputation on the line by coming out in the summer to match up against local playground legends, but Durant is a throwback.

He fiends for a good run like Pookie in New Jack City. If there’s some great competition going on somewhere, he wants to play. And he doesn’t care if it’s in a sweltering Los Angeles Rec Center, a packed outdoor park in New York or his hometown of Washington, DC.

Here’s his latest work, out in South Central Los Angeles’ Drew League, which is among the best and most competitive summer tournaments around. Whenever we get a chance to see KD in the summer, he reminds us that there are still some very humble guys out there with transcendent talent who, if they had to, would play the game with the same love and passion, for free.