Badminton brawl: Who knew this innocent game could be so gangsta?

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You know badminton? That game you played back in elementary school or at the backyard cookout with the long-handled racket and the shuttlecock, feathered projectile that never quite seemed to fly where you wanted it?

What you may not know is that badminton is an Olympic sport. And some people take that game way, way too seriously.

The men battering each other in this video (actual, the battering is pretty one-sided) are Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit, who were teammates representing Thailand at the 2012 London Olympics. The fight happened during their match at the Canada Open, and the brutality of this makes you wonder what could possibly happen in badminton that would lead someone to chase a man to the adjoining court and deliver blows that would make a street fighter proud?

Apparently right before this video picks up, Jongjit hit Issara — who, clearly, are no longer doubles partners — with his racket.

And as Jongjit tried to haul ass, Issara ran him down to the adjoining court and opened up a major can of whup ass — hitting him in the head with two hard, bad-intentioned left hands before delivering a hard right knee to the head.

Both men were disqualified from the tournament.

Our take: if these guys REALLY want to make some money they’d take their act to the MMA, and settle their differences in the octagon.

boo boo the fool says:

i am anxiously awaiting jason whitlock’s column on how this brutality was caused by the east coast/west coast rap wars of the ’90s