Remember Ola Ray, from MJ’s “Thriller” video? She’s back…

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It’s been 31 years since Michael Jackson’s classic track “Thriller” came out, and 31 years since a fine sistah named Ola Ray made her entrance into our lives.

Who could forget that entrance: Ola, in her innocent school girl outfit purring the line “what are we gonna do now?,” as MJ’s classic whip runs out of gas; later followed by the former Playboy model’s sexy sashay down the street in some skintight jeans/sky-high stilettos while being serenaded by the King of Pop.

Well, Ray is back.

She’s got a new single dedicated to Michael Jackson.

The title of that track: Remember.

And it is ……

It is…..

It is…

[Since we’re speechless, we’ll let you fill in the blank] [Hey, you fill in the blank and add your comments below]


{H/T @Troy_Johnson}


boo boo the fool says:

i can’t watch this train wreck. WHY OLA, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY????? who told her this was a good idea?

blacktopx says:

This clearly seems to be her first—and hopefully last—attempt at singing.