Anna Benson was once charged with murder

Anna Benson was once charged with murder

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Seems the incident with her soon-to-be ex-husband Kris Bensonis not the only legal problem that Anna Benson has faced.

Long before she married the former MLB pitcher, Anna Benson—then Anna Warren—was being investigated for a murder that occurred in the apartment that she shared with her boyfriend. This from the New York Daily News:

Former Mets pitcher Kris Benson’s sexy wife has a dirty secret — she was once implicated in a grisly murder.

Anna Benson was the subject of a nationwide manhunt in 1996 after an 18-year-old man was executed in the Tennessee apartment she shared with her boyfriend, the Daily News has learned.

“Get rid of him,” she allegedly told her beau before he carried out the slaying, the lead investigator told The News, quoting witnesses.

Benson, then a 19-year-old named Anna Warren, hightailed it out of town with her man after the bloody slaying in Knoxville.

Tennessee cops obtained warrants charging Warren and her boyfriend, Paul Dejongh, 19, with the murder of Michael Evans, court records show.

She was captured five months later, but all charges against her were eventually dropped – infuriating the victim’s family.

“She got away with murder,” Evans’ father, Michael Evans Sr., fumed to The News.

“I don’t know how she can live with herself knowing that she conspired to kill my son.”

Anna Benson’s dark side returned last week when she allegedly burst inside her estranged hubby’s suburban Atlanta home — armed to the teeth and threatening him with a gun.

This is the video of the America’s Most Wanted show that Benson appeared on:


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