Why did Lamar Odom spazz out on paparazzi?

Why did Lamar Odom spazz out on paparazzi?

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If you date or marry a Khardashian, you have to expect the attention from the paparazzi. I mean, it is a family that seems to call the media every time they step out the house, and clamors media attention each time they attend an event. That’s how the media comes up with photographs like this, and this.

So we couldn’t quite understand Lamar Odom’s meltdown against the paparazzi.


But you know what they say—often times there’s the story. And the rest of the story.

The rest of the story  shows Odom sitting in the car when a paparazzi approaches and asks if he cheated on his wife. He asks that question multiple times.

That’s when Odom gets out of the car and loses his cool.




We love the fact that, even in the course of his meltdown, Odom takes the time to take a picture with a fan.

In our opinion: someone sticking a camera in your face and asking if you cheated on your wife might warrant an ass-kicking. Considering this paparazzi was so persistent that he made a 6’11” man angry, we think he got off lucky.

willie lump lump says:

i think he’s just mad that his calves look like toothpicks