Lolo Jones to Twitter follower: Let’s get it on

Lolo Jones to Twitter follower: Let’s get it on

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Seems like we might have to make better use of our social media skills.

Especially after hearing how a young man named Bubby Lyles was able to secure a date with Lola Jones, a world class athlete in two sports and one of the hottest female athletes.

Bubby, a student majoring in journalism at George State University, posted on June 20 a simple tweet:

“If I get 150,000 RTs @lolojones will let me take her on a date. Help me out!

That tweet got this surprising reply from Jones:

@harrylylesjr ok. I’ll be waiting.


Bubby had 35,000 retweets within six days. On Wednesday night he reached his goal of 150,000, which put the pressure on Jones.

Her twitter reply the next day:

@harrystlesjr 2X Olympic champ  @elsupersanchez ran down to the dining hall and told me the news. I cant wait to go out on our date!

We’ll update you with details of the actual date as the details develop.

In the meantime: Anybody have Serena Williams’ Twitter account?



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