Getting it in: Scott Boras responds (kinda) to Jay-Z dis track

Getting it in: Scott Boras responds (kinda) to Jay-Z dis track

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It’s no longer a question of who in the agent game has the power to push the most buttons.

Jay-Z is the winner and undisputed champ.

Roc Nation Sports has barely been in business a few months, and Jay-Z’s latest hip-hop opus, Magna Carta Holy Grail, has only been available since the Fourth of July. But already he has managed to tweak two of his nemeses in his new fledging enterprise.

First, before the CD’s official release, lyrics to the single “La Familia” were leaked and parts of the song takes shots at the NFL Players Association investigation into his actions with a handful of new clients (“NFL investigations/Oh, don’t make me laugh/FBI investigation/We stood up to that”).

Then, out came lyrics to “Crown” – and a big finger (guess which one) toward a certain baseball super agent: “Scott Boras, you over baby / Robinson Cano, you coming with me.”

Cano (above)  was the first big name to jump to Roc Nation Sports, leaving Boras in the process – during his contract year, yet.

The NFLPA didn’t take the bait. The 60-year-old Boras, however, for reasons only he could explain, couldn’t resist. No, he didn’t make an “answer” record. Nor did he take to social media (his one and only tweet on his official account was in April 2012).

Boras did do a handful of interviews to respond, though. He said this to Yahoo! Wednesday:

“My music taste, I love jazz. I’m a huge Bernie Williams fan.”

That would be the Bernie Williams who is a former Yankees teammate of Cano, a Boras client as an active player … and now a jazz guitarist.

Otherwise, Boras said of the new competition: “Exterior approaches are not new to the game. Many in practice have come in and tried to grab the game … All I can offer the player is, all my time will be spent only on baseball.”

And, apparently, some of that time is spent on getting in pissing matches with internationally-renowned hip-hop moguls.

Here’s the Jay-Z attack on Boras (which begins at :33)