New York Knicks working deal for Bargnani. Knicks’ fans wonder why

New York Knicks working deal for Bargnani. Knicks’ fans wonder why

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It’s clear the New York Knicks, after being bounced by the Indiana Pacers in the conference semifinals this year, had to make a major move. It’s clear that in a city they’ve clearly owned for decades, the sexiness oozing from Brooklyn with the pending move to bring Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Nets, has the Knicks concerned.

But Andrea Bargnani?


The New York Times reports that the Knicks and the Toronto Raptors are negotiating a deal that will bring Bargnani to the Big Apple in exchange for Marcus Camby and Steve Novak.

There’s no doubt that Bargnani has potential: He was the top pick of the 2006 draft  and he is a 7-footer who has the ability to stretch the defense withe long ball. And, on a rare occasion, he has come through with an unbelievable performance:

Yet Bargnani has never hit the long ball consistently, and has never shown the hunger and commitment to bang inside and establish himself as an inside and defensive presence.

Add all that together and you have a taller version of…last season’s Steve Novak.

Here’s the deal: the Knicks need a bona fide banger, especially after they were manhandled by the Pacers in the postseason.

So AB better bring some thick skin,  some new-found toughness and his A-game to Madison Square Garden next year.

If  he thinks  the fans and media in Toronto were tough on him as he struggled, wait to he gets a taste of Paulie from Bensonhurst and the flame-throwing New York tabloids.